Football Field Cupcake Idea

Football field cupcake ideaAre you looking for a great dessert to bring to your football game party? Why not bring a whole football field cupcake cake? This is such and easy cupcake design you could use it for soccer or baseball as well. Very few cupcake decorating supplies are needed to make this treat look delicious. You can embellish your football field cupcake cake with a football, mini football players, fan paraphernalia,  your teams logo, or a birthday boys name.

This football field cupcake idea is one of the easiest cupcake cakes you can make. The decorating supplies you will need are frosting tip #233, a frosting bag, half a batch of buttercream frosting colored green, a hot glue gun and pretzel sticks.

If you’re making the dessert for a large crowd you’ll need either 15, 24, or 35 baked cupcakes. For a boys birthday party 15 will be good. For a bigger gathering 24 will suffice, but the even numbers make it difficult to decide where to put the goal posts and yard lines. 35 is the best number for a big party of hungry football fanatics. If you use chocolate batter, your field will look like it’s sitting on dirt, which is ideal. If you use white batter your base will not draw any attention unless your cupcake liners are mismatched or distract from the theme of the party.

Football field cupcake grassLine your unfrosted cupcakes in rows and fill your frosting bag with green buttercream frosting. You can use a star tip for the grass if that is all you have, but I would suggest you invest in a grass tip, #233, for ease of use. Begin on one end of the football field cupcake cake, frosting each individual cupcake by touching the frosting tip to the surface and squeezing firmly while pulling up on your frosting bag. Add grass to each cupcake by frosting a ring around the outside and work your way toward the middle. You can make your blades of grass long or short, but don’t worry if you have a load of frosting come out in one squeeze and then a short clump of grass on the next patch. It is all uneven in the end and it looks good.

Football field cupcake goal postsFor the goal posts glue four stick pretzels together with clear hot glue. If you don’t have hot glue, you can use frosting but you’ll have to make a batch of royal frosting and wait for it to harden. Place the goal posts at both ends.

You can add all of the yard lines if you have a cupcake cake of 35 or more cupcakes. If your cupcake football field is small, you can only add a few of the yard lines. Because the grass is so lumpy, piping a white line directly onto the frosting will look uneven. Cut some thin craft wire into lines for your yard lines. Place them on the cake and pipe white frosting over the wire to make a straight line. Write the coordinating yard number next to its line and add your embellishments. Enjoy!