Ladybug Cupcakes

Ladybug sunflower cupcakeWhen it’s summer time and the kids are out of school, barbecues, birthday parties, and celebrations always seem to come up. Why not show up to the party with cute ladybug cupcakes? These cupcakes are great for the summer season, easy to make, and require very few cupcake decorating supplies. These fun ladybug cupcake ideas even have edible cupcake decorations on top. You can either design your cupcakes to have a ladybug sitting on top of a sunflower cupcake, or make the whole cupcake one adorable lady bug.

Ladybug cupcake face

Be aware that the red frosting needs some quality frosting dye. Mix up a batch of buttercream frosting because it will give you the stiff peaks and holds its form even if you are bringing your cupcakes out into the sun. For 12 cupcakes a half batch of the frosting will be plenty.

For the black dots on the ladybug cupcakes, you may use plain frosting, but if you want to have an adorable face you must use either fondant, the edible cupcake decoration recipe, or a thick ball of black frosting.

In the picture I made the ladybug faces out of the edible cupcake decoration recipe. When you add the dye, realize the edible decoration will look dull at first, but as it sits the color will become more vibrant and it will have a pretty shine to it. That said, don’t need to add too much dye thinking that the color just isn’t dark enough. If you put too much dye in, you will need to compensate for the liquid from the dye by kneading in more powdered sugar, or else the edible decoration will start “bleeding,” or looking like it’s melting. You will need to mix up 3 batches of the honey dough. If you going to split your cupcakes between making some lady bug cupcakes and the other half sunflower cupcakes, split the honey dough in half and use red dye on one half and black on the other. Wash your hands really well before because you will be kneading this by hand. Don’t be alarmed if your fingers turn purple or red from the dye.

Ladybug sunflower cupcake center

For the sunflower cupcake design, dye a small amount of frosting black and spread it in the middle of the cupcake leaving a gap along the edges of about half an inch. Pile about 1/8 of a cup of mini chocolate chips in the center for the sunflower seeds. With frosting tip #21, and a bag of yellow frosting, make the petals of the sunflower around the outside of the cupcake in the half inch gap you left earlier. Press the tip lightly onto the cupcake while firmly squeezing the frosting bag and pulling up. If the tip of the yellow petal doesn’t come off in a perfect peak just wet your fingers and gently pinch the top of the petal.

Ladybug cupcake body

With the red honey dough, roll small balls to fit on top of the sunflower. Once they are balls, gently smash them so there is a flat side on the top and bottom. With writing tip #12, pipe out a black line for the lady bugs back, and dots for the ladybug spots. Pipe a circle on the front for the face and with white frosting draw the eyes and mouth. Remove a small area of chocolate chips and place the ladybug on top of the sunflower.

Ladybug cupcake top

For the lady bug cupcakes you will need a star tip, #24, to pipe on the red frosting. For the spots use a small cookie cutter to make the circles out of the edible cupcake decoration mix. You’ll need to roll the honey dough thin and if you don’t have a small circle cookie cutter, use a pen cap or something round. Place the spots onto the cupcakes and make a black line down the center of the cupcake. Pipe the red frosting around the black spots and line. Roll a ball out of the black honey dough and place it on the frosted cupcake. Add white eyes, a mouth, and finish it all up with antennas.