Rapunzel’s Tower: Disney’s Tangled Cupcake Design

Rapunzel Cupcake Cake Tower

Are you looking for a girls birthday party cupcake idea? Rapunzel’s Tower makes for a fun cupcake cake design. It uses very few cupcake decorating supplies, not including any Tangled figurines you might embellish the cupcakes with. In contemplating Tangled cupcake ideas, you might have been confused as to how you might keep a tower standing, or keep a long braid of Rapunzel’s hair from falling down the cupcake tower. In this post you will learn how to make Rapunzel’s edible hair, and how to stack an ice cream cone cupcake tower to keep it from tumbling.

First bake 17 white cupcakes in whatever cupcake liners your like. To match the grass you can use green cupcake liners, or just use the standard pink, yellow, and blue cupcake liners. Let them cool. Arrange 11 cupcakes for the base of the cupcake tower. Mix up 2 batches of Whipped Vanilla Homemade Frosting, and color it green. Frost the base cupcakes by first coatingthe center of each cupcake and then Rapunzel cupcake tower spreading the frosting across the gaps. Some frosting will drip down, but it will harden enough to hold it’s form. Because this frosting has whipped topping in it, make sure you keep the frosting cool until you are ready to decorate the cupcakes because whip topping “melts” in the heat and will be sloppy to work with. (Rest assured, I’ve used this recipe with the building temperatures being 80 degrees and the frosting will be fine, just don’t take all day decorating the cake in the sun).

Place three cupcakes on top of the cupcake base and frost as well. Stack up two more, frosting each one.

Rapunzel cupcake tower skewersNext take two shish kabob skewers and stab one down an ice cream cone so it sticks straight up brushing the edge of the narrow end of the ice cream cone. Take a second ice cream cone and stab it’s base with the skewer until the two cones touch at there bases. Use the second skewer to secure the opposite side of the cones. You’ll have what looks like two long toothpicks sticking out of the end of the open part of an ice cream cone. With the sharp ends gently stick them through the stack of cupcakes on the cupcake base. Make sure you center it and get the skewers to stab cupcakes from the top to the bottom layers.

Take the last cupcake and turn it upside down and place it on the dull end of the skewers. This will be where the tower roof will sit. You can either use a waffle ice cream cone, or create your own cone out of cute paper so you don’t have to frost the waffle cone.

Rapunzel cupcake tower grass

Next, with green buttercream frosting use the grass frosting tip, #233, to make grass around the base of each of the cupcake layers.  Hold your frosting bag at an angle and touch the tip to the cupcake while squeezing firmly and pulling away from the cupcake cake. The longer you squeeze the longer your grass will be. Don’t be nervous if you make a few sections really long. Grass is supposed to look unkempt around a tower!

Rapunzel cupcake tower vineNext use a leaf frosting tip, #67, and draw a liner up and around the tower at an angle. If you’re worried you’ll make it look weird, take a piece of string and wrap it around the cupcake tower in the place you want your frosting to go and mark it with little dots of frosting. To keep your frosting on the tower you’ll need to touch the frosting tip to the tower and squeeze the frosting firmly and directly on to the ice cream cones. Use one hand to support the tower while you squeeze the frosting around the cupcake tower. The vine will look a little askew, that’s fine because you’ll be covering the lumpy lines with leaves. Add leaves along the frosting vine until the whole thing has leaves. If the peaks of your leaves aren’t breaking off in a tip, (which can happen if you have very stiff frosting), wet your fingers with water and gently pinch the tip to make it pointy.

Next with a star frosting tip, #24, randomly dot the vines and grass with purple star “flowers”. If you want to put brown lattice work on the top cupcake, you can by using a writing tip, #6, and draw lines at an angle in crisscross patterns. Hint, just match the ice cream cones pattern.

Rapunzel cupcake tower edible hairFor Rapunzel’s edible hair you can use fondant or yellow laffy taffy. If you don’t have either, you can make hair with this edible cupcake decoration recipe which includes honey, white flour, powdered sugar, and yellow dye. It is a hands on job, but it has nice results. Place a tablespoon of honey in a bowl with 1 tablespoon of flour, and 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar. With a fork mix the ingredients by smashing the fork down through the mixture again and again with the flat edge of the fork. The honey will bead up into little balls. Smash them together until you can touch the honey mixture without honey completely sticking to your fingers. Squish all the balls together and then begin kneading it like bread adding more powdered sugar. Once the mixture is not sticky to the touch, add the yellow dye and mix it with your fingers until the whole blob is yellow. Separate it into three sections and roll them out into thin strands for Rapunzel’s hair. Braid carefully and set aside until you’re ready to attach it to the tower.

To attach the Rapunzel’s edible hair to the cupcake tower, stab three regular toothpicks through the narrow parts of the ice cream cone in a straight line down the middle of the tower. Lift the cupcake sitting on top of the skewers just enough to put the top of the hair into the opening. Gently press the hair into the toothpicks down the tower and let the hair lay in a flowing pattern down the remainder of the cupcake base.

With black frosting and a star frosting tip, frost around the top of the tower where Rapunzels hair comes out to make it look like a window. Place the roof on the top of the tower and serve with Tangled figurines or just as a Rapunzel tower. Enjoy!