Tractor Construction Cupcake Cake Design


tractor cupcake cake

Do you have a birthday party coming up for a boy who loves tractors or construction vehicles? As has been mentioned several times on this website, cupcake cakes are a great idea for serving at parties to decrease the mess of cutting up a cake and having to use serving utensils. This tractor cupcake cake has 16 to 18 cupcakes all set together to give the image that this is a regular tractor birthday cake. This page will show you how to decorate cupcakes to give the birthday child a fun cake.

You don’t have to purchase many cupcake decorating supplies for this cake. First bake your cupcakes and let them cool. If you are pulling cupcakes out of the freezer, give them time to thaw in the refrigerator before frosting or else the moisture will cause the whipped topping to separate and slide off. The tricky part of this design is getting the 5 cupcakes in the middle to stand a little taller. I just used a lid off of a round box I got at the craft store and then covered that layer with a strip of paper that looked like grass.

construction cupcake cake

You can either buy chocolate whip topping, or add brown dye, or cocoa powder to frost the top cupcakes. I used a large tub of whip topping and colored three quarters of it brown and then I used a silicon spatula to frost forming a mound on the top to look like a hill. If you don’t have dye, cocoa powder will work, it’s just a little more dense, and bitter. Omit the dye and cocoa and proceed to the next step if you don’t want to mess with coloring, and flavoring.

tractor cupcake design

It is fun to get creative with placing the different cupcake embellishments on cupcakes. At this point it’s really up to you to add what you want on this construction cupcake cake. I sprayed a little green food color spray, made by Wilton, on the cupcakes to make it look like grass. These aerosol food dyes are easy to work with and add dimension to your design with just a little spray. If you want to make it a little more fancy, get a cake decorating bag and use tip number 233 to place frosting grass around the cupcake cake.

tractor cake design

Create a path down the hill with broken up Teddy Grams or Oreo cookies. Line both sides of the path with chocolate covered nuts and raises to make it look like rocks. You can also purchase the rock candy, but the colors may not go with the yellow construction vehicles. Stick with more browns and blacks and you’ll create a good look. Line both sides of the path with white frosting to look like a road using a number 12 frosting tip. Lastly add the construction vehicles or tractor to make the cake perfect for a birthday party.