Train Cupcakes

Cupcake TrainAre you looking for some fun easy train cupcakes that take very few cupcake decorating supplies and look spectacular? The two following cupcake designs would be perfect for a kids birthday with the theme of Thomas the Train, Dinosaur Train, or just if your child loves trains. You will be pleased with outcome of these simple cupcake ideas.

Train cupcake cake

If you are low on resources, or don’t want to mess with making frosting, don’t think you can’t have cute cupcakes. Although these train cupcake ideas are very simple, nothing beats printing and taping. For the first cupcake, find a train picture on the Internet or in the clip art on your typing software. Print a train on card stock making it no more than two inches tall. If you have a lot of guests coming, you’ll need to print several cabooses and then just extend the printed train for as many cupcakes as you need. The great thing about this is the train can be completely connected to look like a cupcake cake which will serve anywhere from 4 to 50, (or as long as you want to make the train).

Simple train cupcake top

For the frosting don’t stress about making anything too fancy. Buy a large tub of whip topping and color it green. The key to making the train cupcakes look really fancy on top is frosting tip #1M. This tip pipes the whipped topping out so nicely you almost can’t mess the cupcakes up. First start by frosting an outer ring on the cupcake and firmly squeeze the frosting in a circle toward the middle. If you don’t have a frosting tip you can still make cute cupcakes by cutting a corner off of a ziplock plastic bag and just make a circular pattern on top of the cupcake starting with the center and moving outward.

For the train cupcake with grass begin by topping each cupcake with a thin layer of whipped topping dyed green. Trace train tracks on the cupcake using a toothpick, that way if you make your track too wide you can start over without pulling frosting off. If you have a stencil feel free to use it.

Train cupcake tracks

Trace your track with white frosting. If you don’t pipe frosting all that often, you probably won’t have the feel for making straight lines the first or second time. A key to making straight frosting lines is don’t hold your hand in one place for too long. Since you are only making a 3 inch line begin by firmly squeezing the frosting bag and without changing the pressure move your hand swiftly over the top of the line you drew with the toothpick. If you move too slowly you will have wiggly lines. If you are completely hopeless about making straight lines, just make small dots along your outline.

Train cupcake tracks frosted

Next for the grass you will need frosting tip #233, and stiff buttercream frosting. Pipe grass frosting along the tracks. Make sure you don’t pull the grass toward the train tracks as you frost or your track will look shabby. Embellish your train cupcakes with little toy trains found in most craft stores, or candy trains, or fondant trains. Line the cupcakes up in a row to make it look like one continuous train track. Enjoy!